Climate change resources for churches.

Resourcing for the Journey (Watering Hole with A Rocha 05.09.21)


  • Recognise that it is a journey – both for your church and personally

Eco Church

Diocesan Help

Net Zero

Carbon footprint

  • CofE churches – Energy Footprint Tool – to be completed now for 2020
  • Any churches – 360Carbon – includes energy, transport, food, procurement, and more

Buildings advice



Land and nature

Framework for church action

Frameworks for individual / household action

  • Creation Care, a framework for households which congregations can follow together
  • Count us in – 16 high impact steps which individuals can take to cut carbon
  • WWF Footprint Calculator – pretty simple footprint tool, and an informative process

Frameworks for schools and youth

Young People, The Church and Climate Change (Burning the house down)

  • Powerful video plea from young people – 4 mins
  • Research Report by Tearfund and Youthscape
  • Huge mass of resources focused on those for young people

Worship and music

Outside Worship & Biodiversity


  • Climate Sundaythe main focus for churches in the run up to COP26 in Glasgow
  • Youth RelayYCCN organised relay from the G7 in Cornwall to COP26 in Glasgow
  • Make COP Countthe coalition of faith groups with the advocacy calls from COP

Campaigns by partner organisations

Church of England Environment Programme

Church of England buildings resources

Procurement (Church of England Parish Buying, other denominations have Church Buying)

Ethical Investment

Some very useful resources:

Prayers and Worship 

Partners, networks, and useful organisations to know about

Small group materials – e.g. Lent

Blogs to follow