Here at Cornerstone we absolutely love reading. We love reading not only because it is a great way to pass the time, but because with good Christian books, reading shows us Christ. I pray that the following selection of books will help you to love the triune God more, love His word more, love His people more and love the lost more.

We have a bookstall set up at church every Sunday morning where we will be selling great books including our book of the month and resources to help with RBT. The bookstall is cash only, so please remember your pennies on Sundays.

Very excitingly, we now have an online 10ofthose church bookstall! So if you’re away, you forget your wallet on a Sunday or if we sell out of a book you want, you can now buy our bookstall books and other great books on our Church page and anything at all from the 10ofthose website.. Buying books from 10ofthose though this page will not only give you quality resources delivered to your door, but you’ll be supporting 10ofthose, and Cornerstone also gets a small amount of the money!

View the bookstall here!